Womens Empowerment

Womens Empowerment:

In a country like India where the women who are divorcee and single or widow are prone to extremities of life. It is necessary to examine the concerns of our society about the vulnerability of women, the plight of these women and the problems that they undergo. They lack in accessing the essential resources like managing their daily household expenses. Many of these women are not only poor but are also illiterate. The conservatism which is inherent in these women doesn’t allow them to become independent or to stand on their own feet.

MSET initiated the Women Empowerment Project by providing financial aid to them in the beginning as a charity approach but later on it was realized that it will not serve the purpose of making them self reliant & self sustainable. Financial aid will only make them more dependent on others. It was observed that these women have more or less no support from their families or relatives. They have no source of income and they are totally dependent on Zakat donation to run their household expenses. So they are also reluctant to send their children to schools. MSET decided to sponsor their children for education through its educational Project.


  • To bring the real empowerment in the life of women who are deprived and disadvantaged & are living in poor, vulnerable condition & support them to stand on their own feet.
  • To make them self reliant and self sufficient by providing them support for vocational courses and income generation activities.
  • To bring an attitudinal change in these women to view the life in a positive manner.


Providing Vocational Training to the vulnerable women/widows in the society.

Providing Start up Capital to vulnerable women/widows to start the Income Generation Project for their economic empowerment.

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